Quiz: Are You in Love with Your Sex Partner?

Understand what love is and if you are in love, determine what sex really is and if your sex life is going the right way.

Are you a sensual person or a shy romantic lover? Are in you in love with your sex partner? This test will help you determine exactly who you are sexually and if you are in love with your partner or not. Your love life will never remain the same after this.


  1. 1 How do you see him/her?

    1. πŸ’ As a close friend.
    2. πŸ’ As a boyfriend/girlfriend.
    3. πŸ’ As a husband/wife.
    4. πŸ’ As a mentor/adviser.
  2. 2 Do you like talking about sex with him/her?

    1. πŸ’ Only when I’m in bed with my partner.
    2. πŸ’ Only with my friends when we hang out.
    3. πŸ’ Only sex chat with him/her on the phone when he’s out of town.
    4. πŸ’ All day; Sex is something I can talk about with anyone.
  3. 3 What attribute do you like most in him/her?

    1. πŸ’ He/she is handsome/beautiful.
    2. πŸ’ He/she has nice six packs/sexy waist.
    3. πŸ’ He/she is caring and shows me love.
    4. πŸ’ He/she is good in bed.
  4. 4 What’s your perfect date with him/her?

    1. πŸ’ Red roses, good wine, good food and a movie marathon.
    2. πŸ’ Going dancing with him/her. Dancing can be very sexy.
    3. πŸ’ Spending the day, and night, in bed (sex) with him/her.
    4. πŸ’ A stroll in the park, where we talk about our future together.
  5. 5 What period of the day do you prefer for sex the most?

    1. πŸ’ Morning.
    2. πŸ’ Afternoon.
    3. πŸ’ Night.
    4. πŸ’ Anytime!
  6. 6 When you wake up in the morning, what's the first thing you think of?

    1. πŸ’ You have to use the bathroom.
    2. πŸ’ I wish he/she is by my side.
    3. πŸ’ What I’m going to eat.
    4. πŸ’ Feel like having early morning sex.
  7. 7 How does he/she make you feel when you are with him/her?

    1. πŸ’ Cute/confident.
    2. πŸ’ Nervous, can’t be myself.
    3. πŸ’ Weird/awkward.
    4. πŸ’ Horny.
  8. 8 Do you think you're in love with him/her?

    1. πŸ’ Yes, I am.
    2. πŸ’ I don’t know, that why I’m taking the quiz.
    3. πŸ’ I’m not sure.
    4. πŸ’ No, I’m not.
  9. 9 What’s the best thing about your sex life?

    1. πŸ’ That it’s gentle but still extremely satisfying.
    2. πŸ’ That it’s passionate and I can be myself.
    3. πŸ’ I love how much I can experiment different things.
    4. πŸ’ It’s wild, dirty and fulfilling; and I like it.
  10. 10 Do you have sex with another person beside your partner?

    1. πŸ’ Yes, I do.
    2. πŸ’ No, I don’t.
    3. πŸ’ I don’t, the urge comes sometimes but I fight it.
    4. πŸ’ Yes I do, I can’t fight the urge.

Quiz: Are You in Love with Your Sex Partner?

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  1. Quiz result

    You are so in love with your partner; and you two have a good sensual feeling.

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  2. Quiz result

    Your love towards your partner is not that strong, and your sexual relationship with him/her is probably a little bit wild. You can moderate a little.

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  3. Quiz result

    You don’t love him/her, all you guys do is engage in crazy sex; you need to discover true love and control your sexual attractions.

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