I Was Bored: Why People Have Sex

People have hundreds of different reasons for sex. Let's see what motivates people for passionate lovemaking!

People have hundreds of different reasons for sex. Often they are quite common (pleasure, planning a baby), but sometimes they’re really unusual, surprising and even weird. Let’s see what motivates people for passionate lovemaking!

Reasons connected to love and relationship


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? I craved emotional closeness and intimacy.
? I wanted to make up after a quarrel.
? I wanted to show my love for the person.
? I was attracted to that person.
? My partner kept insisting.
? I wanted the person to love me.
? I wanted to have a baby.
? I was married and everybody is supposed to.
? I desired to feel loved.
? I wanted to make sure the relationship was “committed.”
? I was competing with somebody else to “get the person.”
? It seemed to me that it was my duty.
? I wanted to finish the relationship.
? I was afraid to “lose” the person.
? I supposed it would help me “trap” a new partner.
? I wanted to strenghten my relationship.
? It was the natural next step in my relationship.
? I wanted to feel more connected to him/her.
? I wanted to connect at a “deeper” level.
? I was worried he/she would cheat on me if I didn’t have sex with him/her.

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? It was just part of the relationship “routine.”
? I wanted my partner to stop having sex with someone else.
? I wanted to strenghten the emotional bond by having sex.
? I wanted to keep a promise to my partner.
? I wanted to keep him/her from straying.
? I wanted to make my partner stay with me.
? It was the next step in our relationship.
? I wanted to stop my lover’s nagging.
? I wanted to keep him/her satisfied.
? I wanted to check my sexual compatibility with a new partner.
? I wanted to get a partner to give him/her my love.
? I wanted to make my relationship more passionate.
? I wanted to avoid a breakup.
? I wanted to unite with another person.
? I wanted to end my relationship.
? I wanted to welcome my loved one home.
? I realized I had fallen in love.

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Reasons connected to friends/reputation


? Somebody dared me.
? I wished to get acceptance from my friends.
? I felt like I owed it to the person.
? I wanted to have more sex than my friends.
? All the other people were having sex.
? My friends pressured me to do it.
? It would ruin my reputation if I refused.
? I wanted to improve my reputation.
? I wanted to brag about my victories to friends.
? I wanted to become popular.
? I would be able to brag about my sexual experience.
? I thought it would raise my social status.

Reasons connected to some benefits

? I needed to get a new job.
? I needed a career promotion.
? I would receive some gifts.
? I wanted to manipulate that person into doing something for me.
? I wanted to capture somebody else’s boyfriend/girlfriend.
? Somebody promised to give me money to do it.
? The person offered me drugs for doing it.
? The person offered me drugs for doing it.
? I needed to make some money.
? I needed to get out of doing something.
? I wanted to obtain a special favor from someone.
? I needed to get access to that person’s friend.
? I wanted to get a favor from somebody.

Revenge/hurting others

☠️ I wanted to make somebody else jealous.
☠️ I wanted to hurt or humiliate him/her.
☠️ I wanted revenge because my partner had cheated on me.
☠️ I wanted to destroy a rival’s relationship by having sex with his/her loved one.
☠️ I was angry at my partner, so I had sex with somebody else.
☠️ I wanted to give another person a sexually transmitted disease (e.g., herpes, AIDS).
☠️ I wanted to destroy another one’s relationship.
☠️ I needed to get even with somebody (i.e., revenge).
☠️ I wanted to even the score with my partner who was cheating.
☠️ I wanted to hurt my enemy.

Reasons connected to curiosity/fun


? I was bored.
? It seemed exciting and adventurous to me.
? I was curious about what he/she was like in bed.
? I was curious about what sex was like.
? I desired the adventure/excitement.
? I wanted the new experience.
? It’s just fun.
? I wanted to try out different sexual techniques or positions.
? I was curious about what I’m capable of.
? I was curious what it would be like to have sex on drugs.
? I wanted to experience sex with more different partners.
? I wanted to experiment with something new.
? I was curious what it would be like to have sex with another person.
? I wanted to see if sex with a different partner would feel new or better.
? My usual partner is boring, so I had sex with somebody else.
? I wanted to see what all the hype is about.
? I was wondering if I could get someone else into bed.

Spontaneous reasons

✨ I was “in the heat of the moment.”
✨ It just happened.
✨ I got “carried away.”
✨ The chance presented itself.
✨ I was drunk.
✨ There was a romantic setting around us.
✨ I was under the influence of drugs.
✨ I wanted to change the conversation topic.
✨ An adult film had turned me on.
✨ I was aroused by the sexual talk.
✨ The person was too drunk and I could take advantage of him/her.

Duty/fear to refuse

⛓️ I was afraid to say “no.”
⛓️ I felt obliged to.
⛓️ It was a bet.
⛓️ I was pressured into doing it.
⛓️ I was afraid to say “no” because he/she threatened me physically.
⛓️ The person demanded that I have sex with him/her.
⛓️ It was expected of me.

Physical reasons


?️ I desired to get the physical pleasure.
?️ I was wanted the release my sexual arousal.
?️ I was physically forced to do it.
?️ It feels amazing.
?️ I was fed up with being a virgin.
?️ I was just “horny.”
?️  It was easier to do it than to stop.
?️ His/her physical appearance aroused me.
?️ I wanted to feel more attractive.
?️ I wished to please my partner.
?️ I wanted to show submission.
?️ I couldn’t control my hormones.
?️ I was simply seduced.
?️ I wished the pure pleasure.
?️ I’m a sex addict.
?️ I was cold and wanted to keep warm.
?️ I wanted to reach an orgasm.
?️ I wanted to satisfy my compulsion.
?️ I/she was ovulating.

Sex sorry

? I felt sorry for him/her.
? I felt guilty.
? I didn’t want to disappoint him/her.
? I wanted the person to think better about himself/herself.
? I wanted to raise her/his self-esteem.
? It was a favor to somebody.
? It was a self-punishment.
? I didn’t want to hurt his/her feelings.
? I needed to say “I’m sorry.”
? I wanted to make my partner forget about his/her problems.
? I wanted to cheer him/her up.

Psychological reasons

? I wanted to calm down and get rid of my aggression.
? I was feeling lonely.
? I craved the attention.
? I wanted to release anxiety/stress
? I needed to release tension.
? I wanted to lift my self-esteem up.
? I was seeking relaxation.
? I was depressed and needed relief.
? I felt insecure.
? I was on the “recovery” from another relationship.
? I wanted to boost my self-esteem.
? I needed to forget about all my problems.
? I was trying to forget an earlier person/relationship.

Health reasons

? I wanted to stop my headache.
? I wanted to burn some calories.
? I wanted to stop menstrual cramps.
? I wanted to stop “blue balls.”
? I supposed it would help me fight insomnia.
? It seemed like a great exercise.
? I supposed it would make me feel healthier.

Attractive qualities of the partner

? He/she was too sexy and attractive to resist.
? The person was an awesome dancer.
? The person was an amazing kisser.
? The person had wonderful eyes.
? He/she looked very self-confident.
? The person had an incredible sense of humor.
? The person had a sexy body.
? The person had a pleasant smell.
? The person had a pretty face.
? I saw him/her naked and could not resist.
? The person wore sexy clothes.
? The person was smart.
? The person was extremely rich.
? He/she was mysterious.

Other reasons

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? It just seemed like “the right thing to do.”
? I wanted to become a better mate than my current one.
? The person was a celebrity and I wanted to have the ability to say I had sex with him/her.
? I was verbally coerced into it.
? I wanted to “get control” over him/her.
? I wanted to feel closer to God.
? He/she made me feel sexy.
? I desired a “spiritual” experience.
? I desired to act out a fantasy.
? I hadn’t had sex for some time.
? He/she was “available.”
? I wished to feel more powerful.
? I wanted to “possess” him/her.
? Because of a special occasion.
? I was slumming.
? I was rebellious.
? I wanted to seem nice.
? I wanted that person to stop bugging me about sex.
? I wanted to reaffirm my sexual orientation.
? It was a habit.
? I wanted to keep him/her happy.
? I didn’t have self-control.
? I wanted to lose my inhibitions.
? It’s considered forbidden by society.
? I wanted to make my sexual skills better.
? I needed to celebrate something.
? I needed one more “notch on my belt.”
? I needed to return a favor.
? I desired to be used or degraded.

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? I desired to feel younger.
? I wanted to feel more adult and mature.
? I wanted to dominate him/her.
? I wished to make a conquest.
? It was the only way he/she would spend time with me.
? It is my inner imperative.
? It was an initiation ritual to a secret club or organization.
? I wanted to focus on my work more – sexual desires are often distracting.
? I had missed someone and wanted to express it.
? I wanted to celebrate something.
? I wanted to thank him/her for something.
? I wanted to say “goodbye.”
? I wanted to rebel against my parents.
? I wanted to get the most joy out of my life.
? I wanted to feel more feminine.
? I wanted to feel more masculine.
? He/she had taken me out to a luxurious dinner.
? The person had given me jewelry.
? He/she truly desired me.
? He/she was truly desired by other people.
? I felt jealous.
? He/she flattered me.
? I had not had sex for a long time.
? He/she caressed me.
? I knew that he/she was normally “out of my league.”
? I wanted him/her to notice me.
? I wanted to submit to him/her.
? I wanted to make him/her feel more powerful.

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So, what’s your favorite reason for sex? Which reason is the  most typical for you, your friends and family members? Maybe, you’ve got some interesting stories connected with it? Feel free to share them in comments!

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