Does he loves me or he is cheating on me? Personality Quiz.

You cannot believe whatever he says sometimes deep inside you think that he is also cheating on you with someone else.


Before he take some other advantages of you that you won’t give it away to a guy who is a cheater make sure that he is the right guy for you with whom you can stay forever without any doubts of cheating on you.

Even in a strong relationship deep inside each party thinks that the other one might be cheating on her.

It can be due to many reasons while in this test we will try out best to help you out regarding is he really cheating on you?


  1. 1 How many times he takes you out on a candle light dinner?

    1. Once in a week
    2. Once in a month
    3. Once in three months
  2. 2 At what time in night he came home?

    1. 9pm
    2. 10pm
    3. 11pm
  3. 3 How many times he have sex with you?

    1. Once in a week
    2. Once in a day
    3. Once in a month
  4. 4 How many times he take you out to watch a romantic movie?

    1. Once in a week
    2. Once in month
    3. Twice in a month
  5. 5 Does he kiss you when he came back to home?

    1. Yes! But depends on his and my mood
    2. No
    3. Yes he hugged me and then kissed me
  6. 6 Does he wear your favorite color?

    1. Yes on special occasions like my birthday or anniversary
    2. No he doesn’t even remember which color is my favorite
    3. He wear the same color clothes which I wear on that day
  7. 7 Have he ever refused to romance when you want to?

    1. Yes he made some excuses like I am tired
    2. No he is always waiting for that moment
    3. It depends on how I am looking and everything else is fine
  8. 8 How does he smell when he got home?

    1. He use a perfume so I know that smell
    2. He smell bad whenever he doesn’t take shower at the morning
    3. Sometimes he smell like he have been with someone like when you spent much of your time with someone and somehow that smell leave some effects on you too.

Does he loves me or he is cheating on me? Personality Quiz.

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  1. Quiz result

    He definitely loves you so much and he is not cheating on you with anyone else

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  2. Quiz result

    May be he has starting liking someone else so if you come to know that you have to stop him

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  3. Quiz result

    Yes he is cheating on you with someone else because he have get every from you and your body

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