Quiz: Does He Really Love You or He Wants Only Sex?

Take this test to know whether he just wants to have sex with you or truly loves you.

Oftentimes we wonder whether someone really loves us or just wants our body. This test will help you determine if he loves you or not. And help you know exactly what he wants from you.

  1. 1 How often does he talk to you?

    1. πŸ’— He texts and calls you every time.
    2. πŸ’— He calls when he wants you over.
    3. πŸ’— You always initiate discussions.
    4. πŸ’— He reaches you not very often.
  2. 2 What do you talk about on the phone most often?

    1. πŸ’— Everything.
    2. πŸ’— Sex.
    3. πŸ’— The future.
    4. πŸ’— Your feelings for each other.
  3. 3 How much interest does he have in knowing you?

    1. πŸ’— He asks me a lot of questions about where I’m coming from and who I want to become.
    2. πŸ’— He shows no interest in knowing about my past.
    3. πŸ’— He gets angry when I decide to be me.
    4. πŸ’— I feel I can tell him everything about me.
  4. 4 How often do you hang out?

    1. πŸ’— All the time.
    2. πŸ’— More than two times in a week.
    3. πŸ’— Only when he wants something.
    4. πŸ’— When he is less busy.
  5. 5 How often does he ask for sex?

    1. πŸ’— Every time we are together.
    2. πŸ’— Not very often.
    3. πŸ’— He often pressures me for sex.
    4. πŸ’— He seems not to be interested in my body.
  6. 6 When you are alone in the house...

    1. πŸ’— You just kiss and that will be all for the day.
    2. πŸ’— He suggests movies and that will be it for the day.
    3. πŸ’— He asks you about sex.
    4. πŸ’— He cuddles with you.
  7. 7 When he asks about sex and you say no, how does he reply?

    1. πŸ’— He goes home and calls later.
    2. πŸ’— He pressures you and say if you really love him, you will give it up.
    3. πŸ’— He says OK and cuddles with you.
    4. πŸ’— He goes home and never calls.
  8. 8 Does he ever compliment your beauty?

    1. πŸ’— Only when he’s happy.
    2. πŸ’— He only says you’re hot.
    3. πŸ’— Only when I am with lovely makeups.
    4. πŸ’— Yes, and calls me a princess.
  9. 9 Have you ever met his friends?

    1. πŸ’— No, I have no idea who they are.
    2. πŸ’— Not really, he mentions them sometimes.
    3. πŸ’— Yes, we hang out all the time.
    4. πŸ’— Yes, I already knew them before.
  10. 10 How would you describe him?

    1. πŸ’— Flirty, good with small talk, funny.
    2. πŸ’— Cute, funny, shy, open about emotions, romantic.
    3. πŸ’— Closed, flirty, manipulative.

Quiz: Does He Really Love You or He Wants Only Sex?

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  1. Quiz result

    He loves you very much. You don’t have to worry about him. It is now your choice to know if you want to give it up to him.

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  2. Quiz result

    He does not love you. He needs only your body. He’s an indifferent and probably stupid type.

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  3. Quiz result

    It takes a little time for your feelings to get stronger. Most likely he loves and values you.

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