Quiz: Does He Satisfy Your Sex Need?

Sometimes you can accidently get into a relationship with someone who can’t satisfy your sexual needs. So before choosing the right person as a partner of your life make sure he is the guy who can make you happy and sexually satisfied.


  1. 1 Does your partner have the same sex taste as you have?

    1. 💕 No, he likes something different than what I have and sometimes says something like: "If you had such type of body, it would be amazing".
    2. 💕 Yes, he loves what I have and totally enjoys it.
    3. 💕 Sometimes he stops in the middle of a sexual act and looks like he can’t do it anymore.
    4. 💕 He gets tired really fast, and our sex could hardly last more than a few minutes.
  2. 2 How does he start sex?

    1. 💕 With cuddling.
    2. 💕 With kissing me on my neck.
    3. 💕 When we get into the night, he just starts over.
    4. 💕 He doesn't like sex with me at all!
  3. 3 Does he like the same sex positions as you do?

    1. 💕 Yes, he likes and enjoys the same position which I do.
    2. 💕 No, he wants to try some other positions.
    3. 💕 Yeah, but he insists on changing positions and always wants to try something new which I don’t like (or vice versa).
  4. 4 Does your partner flirt with you after sex?

    1. 💕 No, he just goes to take a shower.
    2. 💕 He sleeps after sex and seems to be tired.
    3. 💕 Yes, he tries to flirt, kiss and cuddle too.
  5. 5 Does your partner use condoms?

    1. 💕 Yes, he uses them sometimes, but it's okay.
    2. 💕 I don’t like condoms but he uses them so that we both remain safe.
    3. 💕 He uses them every time, except for when we are planning for the baby.
  6. 6 Do you like your partner's body?

    1. 💕 Yes, he has well-shaped body with six packs (not necessarily, but I totally like it anyways).
    2. 💕 Yes, his body isn't perfect for me, but I'm satisfied with it.
    3. 💕 I don’t like his body and I'm trying to convince him to get into a better shape.
  7. 7 Do you like your partner's penis size?

    1. 💕 Yes, he have the one which I like the most.
    2. 💕 His penis is bigger/smaller than I'd want so I don’t really enjoy sex with him very much.
    3. 💕 Size doesn’t really matter to me. His stamina and how he makes me feel matters more.
  8. 8 Does he cum when you are done too?

    1. 💕 Yes, he cums at the same time that I do, so I really get satisfied with it.
    2. 💕 He cums too fast, so I don’t enjoy it that much.
    3. 💕 He cums whenever I tell him that I am going to cum.

Quiz: Does He Satisfy Your Sex Need?

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  1. Quiz result

    Yes, he is the right guy who can satisfy you sexually.

    Congratulations! You've got an awesome guy who gives you awesome sex. Few people are as lucky as you!

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  2. Quiz result

    He is the right guy for you, but your taste might change after some time, and he might not be able to adapt to it.

    You seem like an amazing couple, but everything may change. Or your love may grow even stronger. Who knows? Time will tell. Show more love and care to each other, and everything will be OK!

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  3. Quiz result

    He is not the guy with whom you should spend the rest of your life. But of course, the choice is yours!

    You seem to have been mistaken in your guy. He is not the right type for you. But it doesn't mean that you should break up immediately. If your love is true and you don't want to lose each other, maybe you'll find a way to improve this situation!

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