Erotic Stories: Hotel Room Escapade

Evelyn decides to meet up a random stranger for a hookup. Is he truly a stranger or is he someone from her past?

“What I’m I even doing here?” Evelyn thought to herself as she lay alone on the hotel bed. She was wearing a red low-cut dress with a lacy bra and panties she had picked out just earlier in the night specifically for this occasion. She was also wearing a lace blindfold. The room was quiet except for the occasional beep and whirring of the air conditioner. It had been well over 20 minutes and Evelyn felt she’d been stood up by her mysterious stranger. She replayed his instructions in her head “Go to the Ritz Hotel at 8 pm, head up to Room 23. Take off your clothes and put on the blindfold then lie on the bed.” These were the mystery man’s instructions.

She was pretty convinced that he had stood her up. Yet here she was lying on a hotel bed in nothing but her underwear about to meet up with a man she’d never even met. She laughed at herself for wondering how it had gotten to this point.

The Breakup

A few months ago, Evelyn was happily in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Brian, of 5 years. Up until she stumbled upon nude photos of his workmate, Lucy on his phone. When confronted, Brian didn’t display any form of remorse or guilt. Instead, he blamed Evelyn for killing the spark in their relationship especially when it came to sex. He basically described their sex life as bland and boring but with Lucy the sex was exhilarating and he felt alive.

Evelyn was heartbroken and devastated. She had been with Brian since her senior year of college and he was her first real love. She had been with other lovers before Brian but she really thought Brian would be the one. She personally had no qualms about their sex life. She had given Brian her body and her heart but clearly, they clearly weren’t enough. She slowly wrapped herself in an emotional cocoon whereby she shunned any form of romantic relationships. Just choosing to focus on her work.

A friend of hers recommended she get back to online dating. She and Brian had met through Facebook during its prime. Now she wasn’t so convinced. But she was craving the feel of a hard cock in her pussy. After deliberating it for a while she decided to give it a chance. So one night after work, with her iPhone in her hands, she hit the search engines.

Most of the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t appealing to her. She browsed on further until she found a site called Tinder. She loved the website’s interface. It was simple if you saw a potential match you swiped left to pass them and right to connect with them, if they themselves had swiped right on your page then it was an instant match. She got to work on setting up her profile and put on the sexiest photo from her phone.

Hi, I’m new at this but I’m horny and alone. I don’t want to know your name or what you do, I’m not interested in chit-chat or snuggling. I just want to have some really memorable sex. The hot, sweaty and messy kind.

I like a bit of kink (rough but not too rough) and all my holes are up to you to use. I ask that you be between 30 and 55, can take charge, and know how to use your tongue and fingers just as well as your cock. Be clean, unmarried, and sober. It’s no fun to fuck if you’re too drunk to keep it up. Hit me up if you’re interested in exploring my secret chambers.

After about 30 minutes online, she got a notification that she’d matched with a user by the name of Dennis.


“That was fast.” She thought to herself.

She perused through his photos and found mostly scenery photos; beach, forest and urban. Not one photo of him.

The phone came alive again with another notification from the Tinder app. Dennis had sent her a message.

“Hello, Evelyn.” He wrote.

She didn’t reply for a whole minute before she finally replied. “Hello to you too Dennis.”

“You have a really beautiful smile.”

“I saw your profile and I’m the right person for the job.”

Evelyn liked his enthusiasm.

“How can I be sure? First of all, you don’t even have a photo uploaded.”

She waited for a few minutes before he replied.

“Sometimes you just got to have a little faith.”

Then he sent her a photo.


She licked her lips in desire.

“You’re hired.” She replied.

“Awesome. Now here are my instructions…”

Today was the day. She was about to call it quits when she heard the distinct sound of the door lock beeping and unlocking. She heard his footsteps walking towards the bed. She reached up to take off her blindfold so she could at least see his face. He gently held her wrist and whispered in her ear.

“Remember our deal, my sweet Evelyn. You promised to keep the blindfold on at all times.” He said in a soft-spoken voice. Then he kissed her on the cheek. His voice sounded so familiar.

She didn’t complain or resist and agreed to keep the blindfold on with a simple nod.

She could hear him taking off his belt and later his pants falling off to the ground. He pulled her up so she could sit on the edge of the bed. She placed her hands on his chiselled body. He massaged his thighs and kissed his belly. She ran her fingers over his crotch and she could feel his rock hard cock under the boxer briefs. She could smell the body wash on his body. “God, he smells amazing.” She thought to herself. She traced the outline of the head with her mouth and quickly started licking his briefs. She kissed and licked until she could feel his briefs getting damp. He grabbed her hair and moaned “Stop fooling around.”

She pulled down his briefs and started licking her way up the shaft while cupping his balls with her hands. She kissed her way down to his balls and gently put one in her mouth. She wanted more of him so she took him from the balls to his cock and immediately try to get as much in her mouth as possible. He was big.

She really had to stretch her jaw and she could feel him tickling the back of her throat. His hands were wrapped around her head forcing her to gulp down as much as his cock as she could. She wrapped her around his hands and used them to push him deeper and deeper. Her eyes began watering through the blindfold fabric. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, she felt him tense up and warm jizz hit the back of her throat.

He took a few seconds to collect himself and grabbed her gently by the neck and pulled her up off the bed. Before she was even fully standing up, she could feel him lifting up her dress and pushing her panties aside with his fingers. He took his other hand and made her lick it. After it was sufficiently wet, he lowered them and shoved two of them into her tight pussy. “I have to loosen you up for my hard cock” he whispered in her ear. Between his tongue in her ear and his fingers in her pussy, she could have cum right there. “I’m going to stick my tongue so far up your pussy that you can taste it in your mouth.”

She hadn’t even noticed that he had grabbed his belt off the floor. He turned her around and tied her hands together behind her back. He bent her over the bed, pushing the dress up her back and tore the panties apart with his bare hands. He shoved two fingers back into her pussy and began rocking her on the bed. Almost so hard that she felt like he was lifting her up off the ground… Maybe he was. He got close to her ear again, “You’re still too tight.” So he quickly pushed a third finger into her as he nibbled on her earlobe.

She could feel the juices leak out of like a faucet and just when he started kissing her neck, she exploded. So much fluid was coming out that she was worried about whoever was going to mop up the room. She was still shaking from the orgasm when he removed his fingers and shoved his entire member into her. The pain was quick but then came the greatest pleasure. He pushed her further on the bed. His hands were around her waist and were pushing her down. Her big ass was completely up in the air now.

He took one hand off and she heard him spit. Almost as fast as that happened, he shoved his thick finger into her tight asshole. This sensation was now too much for Evelyn. His giant cock stuffing her pussy and his huge finger in her ass. She was leaking so much now, much more than ever before. She came several times but he must have been too busy ramming her to even notice. He started moaning as well. He must have been getting close as well.

When the wave of the fourth orgasm was about to hit her, he pushed her down roughly on the bed, pulled out, and shot his hot cum all over her back. He turned her around and shoved his cock into her mouth so she could clean him up. After he was done, he sat her up, untied her hands and put his clothes back on. He bent down and gave her long, deep kiss. The kiss felt familiar as well. She wanted more but he pulled away.

“Hope to see you again my darling Evelyn.”

And without another word, he disappeared from the hotel room.

Evelyn was left alone again. She finally took off the blindfold and was left confused as to who her mystery lover was. The events of the night replayed in her mind. His kisses, that voice, his body odour. All these felt too familiar.

“Who was he? Was Dennis even his real name?”



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