Quiz: Is Your Boyfriend Honest or a Liar?

Does your boyfriend always lie to you about love? Or is he telling the truth?

This quiz will help you to ascertain if your boyfriend always tells the truth about his love for you or if he is always lying to you. Most people find themselves in relationships in which their boyfriends are constantly lying to them about love and their relationship.

Lying is one key matter when it comes to the relationship between a boyfriend and a girl friend. Most girls find themselves in relationships in which their boyfriends are always making them believe they love them but they are actually lying. When you are done answering this quiz you will be able to tell what kind of boyfriend you have and when he is lying to you.

  1. 1 Can your boyfriend be trusted with things?

    1. ❣️ He can be trusted.
    2. ❣️ He loses things and tells lies.
    3. ❣️ He makes things put in his possession available when needed.
  2. 2 How does he attend to your issues?

    1. ❣️ He can be trusted and he’s such a friend.
    2. ❣️ He lies all the time.
    3. ❣️ He doesn’t mean to lie.
  3. 3 How does he attend to your issues?

    1. ❣️ He simply waves them off.
    2. ❣️ He makes empty promises that he never fulfills.
    3. ❣️ He goes extra miles to get anything for you.
    4. ❣️ It depends on the situation.
  4. 4 What does he do when he says he loves you?

    1. ❣️ He looks into your eyes.
    2. ❣️ He plays with his phone.
    3. ❣️ He gets flowers on credit to give to you.
  5. 5 What does he buy for you as a symbol of his love?

    1. ❣️ He buys you flowers and shows true love.
    2. ❣️ He lies to you that he will buy things but he won’t.
    3. ❣️ He lies at the store just to make it up to you.
  6. 6 How does his phone conversation with you look like?

    1. ❣️ He lies about his location.
    2. ❣️ He talks about how he loves you all the time.
    3. ❣️ He lies to his mum just to be with you.

Quiz: Is Your Boyfriend Honest or a Liar?

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  1. Quiz result

    He is such a liar! It is obvious each time.

    Your situation is rather worrisome. Your boyfriend is terribly dishonest to you. Maybe, he even cheats on you with somebody else. Try to talk to him about it.

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  2. Quiz result

    He is always telling the truth and his love for you is genuine.

    You're lucky! You've got a perfectly honest boyfriend. He doesn't hide anything from you and definitely can be trusted.

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  3. Quiz result

    Maybe, he lies to get things for you, but he doesn’t lie to you.

    Your boyfriend is not perfectly honest, but you don't have to worry. He les not to you, but to other people who try to hinder your relationship. So, he does it for the sake of your love!

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