Love Stories Funnier than in Any Comedy!

There are lots of short funny love stories in the world because all of us do weird things in love!

There are lots of short funny love stories in the world because all of us do weird things in love. So, we can always remember those moments to share a big laugh with our friends and loved ones. Also, it can help you fall in love with your significant other once more.

1. Saying It Right


It’s a story about a guy named Bob who wants to ask his beloved girl the important question.

When Bob met Jenny he instantly fell in love with her. She also seems to like his company very much. After dating her for some time Bob decides to ask Jenny the big question. Mustering all his courage one day he walks up to Jenny.

Bob: Ummm… Jenny?
Jenny: Yeah Bob
Bob: You know it is truly amazing to be a bachelor but after some time every guy needs somebody in his life-who can make him feel like a hero, who will be his own, who will love him no matter what, who will care for him and stay loyal to him all the time.

Bob was happy when Jenny seemed to understand. He began to feel excited. Then Jenny nodded her head, agreeing, and said ‘I know what you mean and I completely agree with you, Bob. Let’s buy a cute puppy for you.’

So, when you need to ask it, don’t beat around the bush. Say it straight and clear, or he/she may understand it wrong.

2. Not Very Soon


My boyfriend has lately become obsessed with a resently released Interet game, and because our computers are situated in different rooms, we frequently text each other if we need something. He’s been playing that game almost the whole day.

Me: “Come to me and love me!”
Boyfriend: “Yeah, soon.”

Ten minutes pass by, so I rise up and come to him.

Boyfriend: “Why did you call me?”
Me: “You’re taking too much time.”
Boyfriend: “I’ll be with you soon!”
Me: “You use that word again and again. I think you don’t really mean it.”

At the time I posted this story, he is still playing his game…

Aren’t we all familiar to this problem and the issues connected to it? Most girls complain about their boyfriends being too carried away by their game worlds – so they don’t eat, sleep, work and even forget about their girlfriends. A rather common but nevertheless funny love story.

3. The Dangerous Woman


I am playing ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and my boyfriend is looking at me. In the game, I’m running across the road and soon I’m hit by a car. I drag out the driver, beat him black and blue, then pour gasoline on the poor guy and his car and set them both ablaze.

Boyfriend: “Damn, you remind me that it’s dangerous to mess with you.”
Me: “Stop watching me while I’m playing GTA. It will make you want to break up with me.”

Another typical example of impromptu comedy in short love stories, and how computer games can bring out your dark side. We all have different sides – the one who we are when we’re on our own, the one when we communicate with other people, the one when we are with our significant ones and the one who we are in computer games. Even the most quiet and modest people can turn into violent monsters in the virtual world.

4. The Return of the King-Sized Portions


I am at home preparing for exams. I’m a pre-med student now studying the digestive tract. I’m also a big fan of Tolkien. Here’s a message I sent to my fiancé:

Me: “Oh, no! I haven’t had breakfast or lunch yet, and it’s almost elevenses!”

The sweetest thing about cute love stories is when the partners begin understanding each other’s film or book references. It is when you finally can be your weird self with him/her without being afraid o it. Imagine texting out a The Lord Of The Rings-based joke without being judged or misunderstood. It’s awesome!

5. Rock Magic


I am a practising witch, and my fiancé is an atheist. This dialogue happened during our discussing on oving in together.

Me: “Don’t you mind if I put witchy stuff on the walls of our bedroom?”
Fiancé: “Of course. But then, you should allow me to hang whatever I want up, too.”
Me: “Yes! What stuff?”
Fiancé: *thinks a little* “Severed goat’s heads.”
Me: *shocked* “They’ll be invoking evil spirits!”
Fiancé: “Yes, the metal spirits! There’ll be only one religious celebration at our home – the Sabbath. The Black Sabbath!”

It is weird when people with completely different religious beliefs date each other, not all of them turn out well, but they’re a great source of hilarious love stories. And it is even funnier to see how they make their diversities work to be able to coexist. Also, I like this story because it has a reference to the famous metal band The Black Sabbath.

6. Very Meaty Puns


My BF and me are drawing doodles on paper and waiting for our food. Both of us love puns.

Me: “I luff you!”
BF: “Meat loaf you, too.”

(I’m sure he’s a keeper!)

It’s amazing when two people who like puns fall in love. Their doodling times and sweet talks become
so much more interesting and cute, like this wonderful love story here!

7. A Sign of a Strong Relationship


My BF is driving me home from a date and misses a stop sign, what brings on this exchange.

Boyfriend: “Whoops… I’ve missed a stop sign. But there’s no police anywhere near, and it’s no doubt you’re going to forgive me.”
Me: *coldly* “No, I’m sorry. Of course, I love you, but you missed that sign. So, you don’t value our relationship. We have to break up.”
Boyfriend: *over-tragically fake crying* “I’VE SPOILED EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF A STOP SIGN! I WISH I KNEW!”
Me: *barely holding back laughter* “You’re such a wimp! I’m sorry, my dear. I love your fake crying; it’s so exaggerated!”
Boyfriend: “Yes, it is! That’s exactly the point! You begin from something small, and then the intensity increases until… It can’t be undone!!” *sobs over-dramatically again*
Me: *crying together with him, until both of us can’t hold back laughter anymore*
Boyfriend: “So it has just happened…”
Me: “Yup. Indeed, we are lame.”
Boyfriend: “Of course we are, my sweetie. And I wouldn’t agree to have us any other way.”

You know you’re true soulmates when you can successfully pull off a poor role-play without looking awkward. It’s really an important sign of a strong relationship when both of the lovers aren’t shy to be silly with each other, being totally aware of the fact that they won’t be judged or ridiculed.

8. You’re Pretty, But…


My boyfriend and I are looking at the aisles in a shop when he quickly points at a gallon jar of pickles.

BF: “Most of my life I wasn’t aware that pickles were pickled cucumbers.”
Me: *stares at him* “What?”
BF: *nods* “Yes, I didn’t know that pickles were cucumbers until my teenage years.”
Me: *laughs and pats his hand* “You’re fortunate you’re pretty.”

He shrugged it off. By the way, he’s really very smart and, in his defence, he can’t stand pickles so maybe never examined them closely.

Another healthy relationship sign is when both of the lovers don’t need to hide their confessions, being fully aware that maybe, it’ll be a reason for them to be made fun of FOREVER! Of course, partners need to have normal self-esteem for this, so they’ll react adequately and won’t be offended. You know, when you make a ridiculous mistake, your partner will remember that awkward story of yours again and again, but still, you’re ok being made fun of when it’s done by him/her. And all those serious things aside, that’s one of the hilarious love stories you’ll tell your children.

9. Pizza and Trust


I am preparing frozen pizza at home. My fiancé is in the kitchen too.

Me: *holding the pizza* “What’s in the instructions?”
Fiancé: “Umm… 220° for 10 minutes.”
Me: “OK, 240° for 15 minutes.”
Fiancé: *baffled*

The pizza turned out awesome; you only have to know your oven!

Understanding and believing are two main principles of a successful relationship. You need to know when to trust your loved one blindly. It is one of the most important things that lead to a joyful and content relationship. Also, you always have to listen to the one of you who handles the kitchen, or hilarious love stories will turn into kitchen catastrophes!

10. I’m Not Lying To You… I’m Lying Across You!


I’m lying on the edge of our bed and talking with my boyfriend. He sits down next to me and I offer to give him some space to sit down. But instead of sitting, he sprawled across me.

Me: *laughing* “I gave you some room to sit; not to lie on me.”
BF: “Don’t give a mouse a cookie.”

This is sooo real!! Lying awkwardly across your lover is probably the most comfortable position. I don’t know why it is so cozy, but I’d like to think that it can be because of all the physical and emotional warmth that gives you such a feeling!

So, here are some of the funniest short love stories ever! It’s wonderful how they all give a vivid picture of what love stories from real life are like. Such warm and positive stories make you think that love in the ordinary world can be possible and is maybe even cuter than what we see in films. Have you got any hilarious and sweet love stories from your own life too? If yes, share them with us in the comment section!

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