Personality Quiz – What is his sex personality?

No lady would really be happy to find out that she has all along been lying around and wasting her time with a man who is not meant to be in her life.

Every lady should be in a position to distinguish a man who is after her heart, from one who is after her goodies. The core driving factor in every relationship should be love and not sex. Although it is very difficult to tell where your man lies, this quiz will help you unmask the plain truth of you man, and his main reason to pursue you.

  1. 1 What is his response when you tell him that you love him?

    1. He smiles and says genuinely that he loves me too.
    2. He replies back that he loves me but seems undecided yet
    3. He hesitates and does not reply back when I say I love him.
    4. He is quick to respond when he thinks his reply will buy a pass to having sex.
  2. 2 What does he complement the most when you are together?

    1. Your physical attributes – the body and it curvy shape.
    2. Your character and inner self.
    3. Your heart.
    4. Both option A and B.
  3. 3 When he asks you to have sex with him and you say no, what is his response?

    1. He immediately gets bored and storms out.
    2. He respects my decision and does not become stubborn.
    3. He starts flirting with other girls in an effort to seek sexual favours.
    4. He questions my love for him and say that am selfish and inconsiderate.
  4. 4 How does he like your dress code in public or around his friends?

    1. He likes appealing and revealing dress code which he refers to as sexy.
    2. Covered and respectable.
    3. Does not mind and bother how I dress.
  5. 5 What is his view and relation about sex and love?

    1. He believes that sex is sacred and should be reserved for marriage.
    2. He prioritizes on sex, and believes that love cannot survive without sex.
    3. He believes that having sex does not necessarily me that he is in love.
    4. He believes that sex is a way of having fun, and it should both be exclusive of the one you love only. Believes that sleeping around is not a big deal.
  6. 6 What does he prefer doing when you two are hanging around alone?

    1. Making out and cuddling all day long.
    2. Having extreme sex all day long.
    3. Playing and having fun, which does not necessarily include having sex
    4. Being romantic and a gentleman even when other people are not watching.
    5. Normal stuff like watching movies, holding conversations and telling funny stories.
  7. 7 What is his opinion about sex?

    1. He believes it is core to having a perfect relationship
    2. He believes that sex is not a priority in a relationship, but love is
    3. He believes that sex comes before a relationship is formed.
  8. 8 Who does his friends think you are?

    1. His lover. (
    2. Just a normal friend like them, and not special in any way.
    3. I have no idea.
    4. Just a girl who haves sex with him.
    5. His friends don’t know me.
  9. 9 What types of conversations do you mostly hold, either via phone or one on one?

    1. Topics that always revolve around sex and erotic content
    2. We share everything, from general stuff to personal information.
    3. Future plans and educative topics.
    4. We talk about our previous relationships and our past life experiences
  10. 10 What is frequency of hanging out together, either in public or private places?

    1. High, we hang out always, irrespective of our location. He is always available.
    2. He only asks for a hangout when he wants sex
    3. We never hang out in public places, we are only together in the house, so that he can do sexual stuff to me.
    4. We rarely hang out because he is always busy and have very little time for me.

Personality Quiz - What is his sex personality?

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  1. Quiz result

    He is real and is after your heart and not sex. He deserves your love both emotional and sexual.

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  2. Quiz result

    It takes time to fall in love, it now depends on your willingness to let him test the waters before you start dating.

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  3. Quiz result

    He is only after sex and does not give a damn if you get hurt or not. He is not worthy.

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