Sex Sorry – What is it? Ultimate meaning guide

Sex Sorry are two words which one doesn’t expect together. After all, sex is an expression of love or joy. It is something wonderful, something meant to be enjoyed.

That maybe so, but in our imperfect world things that don’t gel together are often paired together, often for different reasons. The same is the case of “sex sorry”.

Not only people use this expression but they also mean different things by it.

Curious, unh? Maybe you too might have used this expression or come across an occasion which fits one of the popular description of sex sorry.

Let’s look at different meanings of this expression:

Meaning #1 – You were in such a sorry state.pity sex

I took pity on you and had sex with you. Thought that might make you feel better. 

When used this way, the expression is also called “pity sex”—and the sex act is, well, an act out of pity or compassion.

It could happen between two people who know each other. When one person is down in the dumps, the other person, although he or she may not have strong sexual feelings for the other, might decide to give the other person something to cheer about.

However, this type of sorry sex can also occur between perfect strangers. For instance, you meet a cut guy in the pub who’s depressed because his girlfriend had just ditched him. To make him feel loved, even for a short moment, and boost his esteem, you decide to go to bed with them.

Meaning #2 – Just after completing the act, both partners are thinking, “Glad that’s over. makeup sex.

Now can I watch my favorite TV serial?” In other words, neither of the partners enjoyed doing it and both are glad that it’s over. The whole act was so bland and boring that they would not like to do it with each other, maybe not even at gun point! 

Have you ever felt like saying “sorry, I’m not good at sex” after an episode of lousy sex. Well, you are not alone.

Almost everybody have had this type of experience at least once in their life, when they feel sorry they did it because the whole act was lousy, probably because of lack of experience or lack of feeling for each other.

Don’t beat yourself to death if you couldn’t live up to your partner’s expectations. This is because you can learn to become better—even exceptional—at sex. Talking with your partner will surely help, so would relaxing a bit.

On the other hand, if you were at the receiving end of this type of sex sorry, take the bull by the horns and have an honest, heart-to-heart talk with your partner.

Tell him or her how you feel about your sex life. If you like each other badly enough, you two will surely find a way out of this situation. If needed, seek professional help.

Meaning #3 – He was on the top and having the time of his life, but me, well, I was just waiting for it to get over.

bored from sex

In other words, one partner enjoys the sex while the other didn’t. More often than not, the other person is the woman.

Almost every woman knows this type of sorry sex first-hand. Men too might have this type of sex sorry, but not anyway nearly as often as women. After all, men are men, they enjoy sex even when they are not enjoying it!

If you are a woman having this type of apologetic sex, it’s about time you have a frank talk with your man. You can start with dropping subtle hints, but don’t bet on your man picking up.

When it comes to being attuned to the woman’s needs during sex, men’s brain is often stiffer than their manhood! So if your man doesn’t pick the hints, don’t fret and talk frankly with him.

Spell out that you are not enjoying the act and if he looks like a lost child  here, which he can, so be prepared, explain him in clear terms what you want him to do so that you can enjoy having sex with him.

If all of this doesn’t work, there’s only thing left to do—walk out on him. Don’t worry, there are many fish in the pond, and not all are dumb. You will find a man who knows how to please his girl.

Meaning #4 – I enjoyed while it lasted but now feel miserable.

I’m sorry, I had sex

In other words, you feel sorry you slept with him. To put it simply you are feeling “I’m sorry, I had sex”.

Someone who sleeps with her best girlfriend’s boyfriend would probably feel this way in the morning when reality seeps in. Well, what’s done is done, and the smart thing to do is admit you made a mistake and don’t repeat it.

Whether you would want to tell this about to your girlfriend is a personal decision, but relationship experts recommend being honest, because it pays in the long-run even if it rocks the boat temporarily.

And who knows, your friend might understand how repentant you are and might forgive you at once.

Meaning #5 – You won that meaty role by sleeping with the director.girl use sex

In other words, you used sex to get something you wanted or to solve a problem.

Sex, in such a case, is not an extension of a feeling, but rather a calculated business decision.

Meaning #6 – It was great and I really like you, but what the heck we were thinking…. doing it with without protection!!!I’m sorry for unprotected sex

This is a case of “I’m sorry for unprotected sex.”

You had a great, steamy sex, but in the morning you are feeling panicky like hell because you didn’t use protection. There’s not only risk of pregnancy, but also of sexual diseases, not to mention of HIV, especially if your partner is new and you don’t know much about him or her.

This is serious shit. Visit a doctor as soon as possible and get the tests done. As far as getting pregnant is concerned, there still might be something you can do to minimize its chances.

And if not, even then who knows, you won’t get that unlucky. But for God’s sake, be careful next time, especially when you sleep with strangers.

Meaning #7 – Steamy and passionate or tender sex that you have with your partner after a big fight, perhaps the best sex of all!passionate and tender sex

Also known as “make-up sex” or “I’m sorry make up sex”, this type of sex can often be an experience in itself, especially if you two are really passionate about each other and had a big fight.

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