Top 10 Weirdest Sex Goods From Amazon For Your Pleasure And Fun!

Are you bored of ordinary adult toys? Do you want something new and interesting? Do you wish to spice up your sex life and bring some fun to it? Or would you like to make a surprise for your special someone? Then, our list of weird and creative sex goods is right for you! All the links are here, so if you’re really interested, you can go and buy the preferred item!

Dragon Sex Calendar

Celebrate the dawn of a new age in beauty and sexuality with the bright pictures of this dragon sex calendar. Every month is adorned by a wonderful image depicting two of the world’s most amazing creatures doing the most amazing act of Nature.


Sex Positions Coloring Book

We dare you to try remaining inside the lines when you and your significant one make an amazing coloring session with the “Sex Positions Coloring Book”. Every page has wonderfully drawn pictures depicting popular poses such as “the springboard” and the “pork and beans” .

Underwear For Two People

Get closer to each other with your lover like never before with the panties made specially for two people. They’re awesome for ensuring sexytime for the guy, and hugs afterwards for the woman, so it’s definitely a win-win. Also, these underpants are good if you’re very overweight (and have 4 legs :D).


Sexy Truth Or Dare Game

Give your sex life a new twist by playing a kinky game of Sexy Truth Or Dare. Every player takes a two-sided stick, making either the sexually brave dare or answering the tough question – depending on their level of courage.

Ring For Sex Bell

Get hot passionate sex whenever you want by just giving the “ring for sex” bell some swings. This little red bell has the word “sex” printed on its arousing surface so that your indentured sex slave exactly knows when to satisfy your hunger for love-making.





Camo Condoms

With these camo condoms, you can relax easily and enjoy the feeling of your private invading another private. These reliable condoms are produced with a military-inspired theme that hides your mini-soldier so nobody will ever see him coming.



55-Gallon Drum Of Lube

Slide back into the love game with this 55-gallon drum of lube. Drop your inhibitions and set free your inner insatiable sex giant. Drench yourself and your lover in hot lube and explore the deepest secrets of the human body.


Candy G-String

Drive your lover crazy by satisfying their sweet tooth with this yummy candy G-String. These arousing panties are entirely made out of small heart-shaped different-colored hard candies ideal for spicing things up in bed.

Pop-Up Book Of Sex

Make more than only graphic pictures pop-up when you enjoy this pop-up book of sex. This completely illustrated literary masterpiece includes page after page of 3D images which will help you and your lover learn everything about the wonderful art of sex.

Alarm Clock Vibrator

The most amazing part of waking up isn’t a Folgers cup – it’s this alarm clock vibrator! This bedside “friend” will wake you up slowly and comfortably by stimulating your clitoris. It has thirty various power levels for the pleasure that you want.




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