Quiz: What Can Be Your Passion in Life?

From this quiz, you will be able to know about your personality and passion of your whole life!

This quiz is about your personality and talent. It’s basically dedicated to the true passion of your life – what would you love to do the most, and which type of creative activity could be your main hobby and profession. It can give a quite accurate result about your passion and interest.

  1. 1 How would your friends describe you?

    1. 🎨 Lively/Expressive.
    2. 🎨 Inspired/Observant.
    3. 🎨 Fun/Sensitive.
    4. 🎨 Passionate/Emotive.
  2. 2 What do you like the best about yourself?

    1. 🎨 Sometimes I'm too energetic.
    2. 🎨 Creativity! I can design different things.
    3. 🎨 Imagination! I live in my own world.
    4. 🎨 Connection with others! I guess I’m very open-hearted.
  3. 3 What do you do in your free time?

    1. 🎨 Draw shapes.
    2. 🎨 Turn on the radio and sing along to music.
    3. 🎨 Watch movies/Go to the theater.
    4. 🎨 Read and update journals.
  4. 4 When do you have the most energy?

    1. 🎨 Noon.
    2. 🎨 Morning.
    3. 🎨 Evening.
    4. 🎨 Afternoon.
  5. 5 Do you think love is a valuable thing?

    1. 🎨 Yeah, it's good.
    2. 🎨 If it’s love for me - then yes.
    3. 🎨 It’s one of the most valuable thing that you can have.
    4. 🎨 It could be.
  6. 6 Which job do you prefer?

    1. 🎨 Journalist.
    2. 🎨 Lawyer.
    3. 🎨 Engineer.
    4. 🎨 Disc jockey.
  7. 7 Which website do you like the most?

    1. 🎨 Instagram/Pinterest.
    2. 🎨 The Millions/Twitter.
    3. 🎨 Pandora/Facebook.
    4. 🎨 IMDb/ Youtube.
  8. 8 At a party, everybody usually likes your…?

    1. 🎨 Musical instrument performance.
    2. 🎨 Stories.
    3. 🎨 Interpretation.
    4. 🎨 Quick sketch portraits.
  9. 9 What are you bad at?

    1. 🎨 Being quiet, I can’t do it.
    2. 🎨 Cleaning, blah!
    3. 🎨 Drawing.
    4. 🎨 Singing, I am horrible.
  10. 10 What are you best at…?

    1. 🎨 Singing.
    2. 🎨 Acting.
    3. 🎨 Painting/sculpting.
    4. 🎨 Writing poetry.

Quiz: What Can Be Your Passion in Life?

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  1. Quiz result

    Writer! You have a personality like no other and the ability to express what you see through words. You should pursue this thought for the world to enjoy. It could really change your life.

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  2. Quiz result

    Artist! Drawing, painting, crafting, or sculpting for artistic tastes! Maybe it’s a different type of art that you heven’t tried yet, but it’s surely in you somewhere!

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  3. Quiz result

    Musician! You have trouble being quiet. Music speaks louder than words, don’t you think? You might be able to play a cool instrument, or sing like a nightingale. Music is in your blood.

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  4. Quiz result

    Actor/Actress! You can act! Light, camera, audience, you were meant to be on stage. You can easily pretend to be someone else and amuse people. What an expressive talent! Good luck to you!

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