Quiz: What’s Your Attitude Towards Love and Sex? (Only for Girls)

What your nature says about love? Do you like to have someone in your life and you always eager to make love? If you are not sure about it, go through this test!

Sometimes girls are very curious about their feelings, love and sex. They totally don’t know what they will do if they get relationship with a boyfriend suddenly. It’s because girls often can’t decide whether they will be happy with the new relationship or not.

So here we are to help out you. This test will tell you what you feel about love and sex. It will bring out the hidden attitude of your nature towards love in front of you.

  1. 1 A guy which you like smiles at you…

    1. πŸ’˜ You walk to him and start a conversation.
    2. πŸ’˜ You yell at him: "What are you looking at?"
    3. πŸ’˜ You look at him but you don’t give him smile back.
    4. πŸ’˜ You smile and look away.
  2. 2 Your crush texted you in the middle of the night and asked you to come to his home…

    1. πŸ’˜ You don’t answer and go to sleep.
    2. πŸ’˜ You become very excited and go quickly.
    3. πŸ’˜ You ask him to come to your home.
    4. πŸ’˜ You write that you're ill and go to sleep thinking of him.
  3. 3 You and your bf are hanging out and suddenly he wants to take your clothes off…

    1. πŸ’˜ You let him do anything he wants.
    2. πŸ’˜ You stop him and run away.
    3. πŸ’˜ You start taking his clothes off.
    4. πŸ’˜ You stop him and say you are not ready.
  4. 4 You and your bf are walking and suddenly he pulls out handcuffs from his bag…

    1. πŸ’˜ You yell and ran away from him.
    2. πŸ’˜ You take off clothes and let him do anything he wants.
    3. πŸ’˜ You say NO!
    4. πŸ’˜ You take off your hands and give smile to him.
  5. 5 Your bf breaks up with you…

    1. πŸ’˜ You accept it and think nobody wants you.
    2. πŸ’˜ You send him sexy pics to seduce him and make him missing you.
    3. πŸ’˜ You start arguing with him.
    4. πŸ’˜ You cry and begin drinking.
  6. 6 What do you think is a dream date?

    1. πŸ’˜ Maybe, just movies or dinner at the diner.
    2. πŸ’˜ Start with a movie in his room and do more things.
    3. πŸ’˜ No need of dating with him.
    4. πŸ’˜ Movies plus candle light dinner and then sleeping together.
  7. 7 Your ex-bf texted you that he missed you and if you come over again…

    1. πŸ’˜ You say no, because you are doing hot stuff with your new bf.
    2. πŸ’˜ You say "I miss you too, but we won't make it again."
    3. πŸ’˜ You say "Yes, I miss you too."
    4. πŸ’˜ You say "No, you broke my heart."
  8. 8 An unknown guy comes to you and asks to have a dinner with him…

    1. πŸ’˜ You say no and run away from him.
    2. πŸ’˜ You say no and start a conversation with him.
    3. πŸ’˜ You say yes and have a dinner with him.
    4. πŸ’˜ You say maybe, but don’t intend to go on a dinner with him.

Quiz: What's Your Attitude Towards Love and Sex? (Only for Girls)

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  1. Quiz result

    Your life is full of love and sex. You are open to anyone and anything. Nothing can stop you from making you what you want. You have a sex-loving nature.

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  2. Quiz result

    You are doing nothing, but you think that it is not good. You wait for the right moment and right person. You will wait for the right time even if it takes a couple of years.

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  3. Quiz result

    You are probably an anti-sex person; you think it as a waste of time and money to have a bf. You seem to be okay with that but many people think it's rather dull.

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