You Will Cry-2: More Sad but Inspiring Love Stories

More stories about the unbreakable power of true love that will definitely make you cry but also inspire and motivate you!

This is the second part of the post about true heroes of love, people who stayed faithful to their significant ones against all odds, despite horrible tragedies and unimaginable grief. Even death of those who they loved didn’t break their strong will and unconquerable spirit!

The Promise


When Susann saw Matthias Steiner, an Austrian weightlifter, in a competition on TV, she suddenly became interested in him. The woman was so determined to meet the sportsman that she continuously asking the TV commentators for his contact details for so long till they finally surrendered.

When she got his email address, she wrote him and both of them decided to meet each other. It was truly love at first sight and the couple married not so long after their first meeting.

The young weightlifter went to Germany to live there with his wife and applied for the citizenship of this country. He loved her so much that he also promised her that he would one day win an Olympic medal for her.

Matthias Steiner was determined to fulfill his promise, but things came differently. In 2007, his lovely wife Susann tragically died in a car crash. It was a terrible grief for the young athlete. But he didn’t give up and forget about his promise. This promise kept him going through this hard time. He was so determined that he was finally included in the German Olympic team at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

During the competition, Matthias Steiner had incredibly tough rivals. He failed in two of three weightlifting attempts. Seeing his odds of getting the medal diminishing, he put everything he had left into the last attempt. Luckily, he managed to lift the extremely heavy weight and won the Olympic gold medal.

The scene when he received the medal was shown to millions of viewers all over the world and the athlete just broke out into tears, holding a photo of his wife in front of the cameras.

A Heartwarming Goodbye Present


When Gene was diagnosed with melanoma, doctors said that he had only six weeks left to live. It was a terrifying diagnosis but the man decided to use all his remaining time to make the needed arrangements for his wife Carol, who had been his devoted spouse for 30 years.

He used his pension to pay off the apartment where they lived. The next step was to organize a travel for Carol and all other members of his family to Italy. When they came to a specific church in Venice, a priest was already awaiting them. It was the church where Gene’s parents had their wedding more than 50 years ago. Then Gene and Carol renewed their marriage vows and had the most amazing day.

After Gene’s death, Carol found out that lots of Post-it notes all over house, were hidden by him shortly before he died. During many months, she discovered one note after another. These notes are wonderful and very personal statements meant to cheer Carol up and emotionally support her in this hard time.

But in these statements Gene also told his beloved wife to enjoy her life to the fullest, sell his car and keep on living despite the grief. It was really the most heartwarming goodbye gift that could ever be imagined.

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